Albert Green


Albert grew up in Minnesota and studied there in the College of Pharmacy. After receiving qualification, he moved to California where he decided to continue his education as a Pulmonologist. Originally, the specialization of his company was not selected randomly, his mother suffered from asthma, and he wanted to learn alternative ways of treating this health condition without inhalers. Especially, he was concerned about it in children who suffer the most. Numerous studies and training extension courses allowed Albert to consider himself a specialist. And, he gathered the top allergists, pulmonologists and pediatricians together to found Tueohealth.

Howard Murphy

Leading Asthma Coach

Your children won’t be in danger when Howard comes into action. He is our leading asthma coach who graduated from the University of Louisville with Pediatric Pulmonology specialization. From the beginning of his career, he decided to dedicate further studies on helping children managing their asthmatic attacks and designated several signature therapies aimed to reveal such stress from parents’ shoulders. Today, Howard supervises the personnel and approves the results or alternative methods of treatment. For him, there is no – hard case but only – what can I do else.

Mary Garcia

Leading Allergist

Our superstar Mary is our leading allergist who graduated from Harvard with an Immunology degree. Her undoubtful knowledge helped her accomplish several goals in the healthcare sphere, and she worked with leaders in Immunology. After 20 years of servicing clinics around the US, she decided to join our team to work on the alternative treatment of asthmatic children. And, we cannot help guaranteeing exceptional support and care for both parents and their beloved ones. Today, she works on studying new allergies in contemporary children and works with experts who are legally allowed to produce new vaccines and medications for such health conditions.

Tom Ross

General Manager

Finally, the icing on the cake is our GM. Tom has quite an impressive career starting as a male nurse, ending as the owner of a private clinic and today our general manager. He is truly a jack of all trades who knows how to treat, deliver services, communicate and entertain children. If at any time possible, children are scared of undergoing certain procedures, he ensures they change their mind with a positive attitude. Today, Tom also works on hiring the personnel and estimating their dedication and most importantly their level of communication with children. There are no excuses for violence or apathy, he has one of the most caring team.

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