Bronwyn Harris


Bronwyn started down a path in biomedical engineering but a desire for more direct clinical interaction led her to medicine. She is now a board certified pediatrician and completed her pediatric cardiology training at Stanford University. She is a dedicated advocate for innovation in pediatrics and prior to founding Tueo Health her research has focused on a variety of needs in cardiology and asthma


Michael Carchia


Michael spent the first nine years of his career in the semiconductor industry; he also has experience developing consumer electronics, having founded a company offering home sous-vide equipment. In pursuit of making a mark in healthcare technology he made his way through medical school at UCSF and has provided healthcare technology consulting services for corporate and academic institutions.


Todd Murphy


Todd's roots are in mechanical engineering, including design roles at several medical device companies. He spent four years in Myanmar where he was responsible for the leadership of the manufacturing operations for a leading social enterprise and returned to the US looking for new opportunities to apply technology to reduce health and economic disparities.

Frank Yenshaw


Frank pursued a master’s degree in Information Systems Management at Carnegie Mellon University and began his career designing and developing financial systems. In 2009 he successfully founded a company to provide a white label OTA product for embedded linux devices running Android. Since then Frank has focused on mobile and IoT solutions for varied clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to early stage startups.

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