The Impacts of Asthma

Asthma affects the health, school attendance, work performance, and finances for over seven million children and their families in the United States. Families are tasked with constantly monitoring their child’s health but often lack good tools for measuring the things that can make asthma worse and understanding their child’s current asthma status.

According to guidelines from the American Thoracic Society all patients should receive an asthma action plan from their physician. These plans are useful to help families understand the significance of symptoms related to asthma and what to do in response. The problem is that it is often difficult for children and their families to properly interpret or identify the symptoms and status of their disease. As a result, signs of poor asthma control are often not recognized and the consequences are poor health outcomes and lower quality of life at a high economic cost.

The Tue Health Solution

The name Tue (“too-ee-oh”) comes from a Latin word meaning to observe, care for, and maintain. Tue Health is creating a solution that puts this meaning to work in asthma management.  The solution delivers accurate, objective indicators of asthma control together with clinical insight and understanding of what patients and their families need to achieve the best control and outcomes.

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