No More Stress of Asthma for Your Kids

According to AAAAI American statistics, around 8.3% of children in the USA have asthma. Even though it is a disease that can be painlessly affected by modern medicine, parents daily struggle with the treatment. For them, it is an uphill battle, and they want only the best for a child’s health. Our experts at Tue Health are ready to lend a hand to your expectations. Years of servicing in hospitals showed us what practices in the treatment yield the fruits, and what are only placebos.

Note, asthma is a chronic disease manifested with the attacks of suffocation and wheezing. Its severity and frequency may vary in different people but kids are the ones who struggle the most. In children with asthma, symptoms can occur several times a day or week, and in some, the condition may worsen during physical activity or at night. Thus, it is crucial to find out the individualized approach for your kid. We do not follow the path of the least resistance, and do not provide one with out-of-date procedures or insist only on keeping asthma puffer.

Starting from the precise assessment of the health condition, until the right direction in treatment, our certified asthma coaches offer a comprehensive education. Only three stages and families can be fully aware of how to manage manifestations through monitoring, insights, and guidance.

How Tue Health Works

At Tue Health, we truly believe that children with asthma can have a better life without depriving themselves of ordinary guilty pleasures. Do you want your kid to enjoy every moment regardless of seasonal allergies or irritants? Let our dedicated experts monitor one’s current health condition. Keep in mind, to finalize any treatment, we will involve different specialists like pulmonologists, allergists, and therapists.

We will utilize a non-contact sleep sensor that will allow us to collect necessary data for further clinical insights. As a result, our experts can inform families what is the most efficient and optimized care without any stress and nerves to both kids and parents.

The second stage is created to educate your kid. Based on the clinical insights, we can teach one on how to be aware of common symptoms of asthma, and what to proceed with to moderate them. It may guarantee families more productive visits to clinics, correct treatment, and early detection of any triggers that bother your children.

Finally, at Tue Health, we offer 24/7 counseling and support. The management of asthma may become easier, and if at any time we notice your kid requires extra attention, our educator will get in touch with you for a follow-up.

If you believe you may need our help, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you in this long-run battle. Enter your email below to receive the latest news about our solutions, and programs.


The solution utilizes a hassle-free, non-contact sleep sensor to collect objective measurements and use these together with clinical insights and understanding of what patients and their families need to provide guidance for optimized care.


After sensor data is collected each night, Tue assesses daily if that data is deviating from your child’s individualized baseline. With greater awareness of your child’s symptoms comes more productive visits with your medical team, timelier treatments, and easier detection of environmental triggers.


The Tue Health Solution includes access to a dedicated asthma coach to support you as you manage your child’s asthma. If we see signs that your child may need extra attention, a Tue Health asthma educator will get in touch to help you navigate the best path forward for your child’s wellbeing.

Our Mission

Tue Health works on educating family units to handle the manifestations of asthma using the latest practices. We help them understand when the health condition is critical and one needs medical aid. All the other times, our coaches explain how to avoid poorly controlled asthmatic attacks. As a result, children can live to the fullest and enjoy ordinary activities.

Our Treatment Approach

We provide parents with information about asthma triggers, and the first aid for asthma attacks. Besides, we offer an ultimate guide on designated medications with their side effects and application rules. And, at Tue Health, we take part in the clinical trials of new remedies efficient for allergy treatment. These trials will further help identify, and prevent severe manifestations of asthma.

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