Bronwyn Harris


Bronwyn is a board certified pediatrician and dedicated advocate for innovation in the realm of children’s health. Bronwyn’s path to medicine began with biomedical engineering, where her desire for more clinical interaction led her to go to medical school and complete her pediatric cardiology training at Stanford University. She is particularly passionate about asthma care, witnessing the condition’s daily impact first hand both as a physician and as the parent of a 5-year-old who suffers from asthma. Bronwyn began building the Tueo Health Solution to address the stark limitations of asthma management tools currently available. She believes families should have tools at home to actively monitor their child’s symptoms and be supported as they manage asthma.


Michael Carchia


Michael spent the first nine years of his career in the semiconductor industry before developing consumer electronics, having founded a company offering home sous-vide equipment. After experiencing the healthcare system up close in the process of recovering from a serious back injury, Michael was inspired to shift his path completely in pursuit of making a mark in healthcare technology. Not one to commit to things halfway, Michael made his way through medical school at UCSF, augmenting his deep technical expertise with knowledge of disease states and clinical care. This unique combination of knowledge makes him well suited to guide technical development of the Tueo Solution which converts objective monitoring into insights and guidance.  


Todd Murphy


With deep roots in mechanical engineering, the motivating force behind Todd's career stems from wanting to reduce economic and health disparities worldwide. This pursuit led him to all the way to Myanmar, where he spent four years at the helm of manufacturing operations for a social enterprise. When Todd returned to the US hungry for a new challenge, Todd joined Stanford Biodesign program, where he became more acutely aware of the challenges faced by asthma patients and  their families across the US alongside the rest of the Tueo Team. He dreams of a day where all children can live free from the constraints of asthma, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances.

Frank Yenshaw


After pursuing a master’s degree in Information Systems Management at Carnegie Mellon University, Frank began his career designing and developing financial systems. He successfully founded a company in 2009, providing a white label OTA product for embedded linux devices running Android. Since then, Frank’s focus has shifted to building mobile and IoT solutions for varied clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to early stage startups. After witnessing his wife manage her asthma symptoms over the years, Frank has a nuanced understanding of the crucial need for innovative solutions for this persistent condition that affects so many Americans each year. 

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