Parents of children with asthma know that managing treatment can be an uphill battle. At Tueo Health, we’ve built a digital tool that understands your child’s daily hurdles inside and out. Tueo technology helps actively monitor symptoms so you can fully engage in building the right treatment plan for your family alongside your medical team.

Our goal is simple: to help all children with asthma achieve a better quality of life with more symptom-free days.


How Tueo Works

The Tueo Health Solution is designed to help you make informed changes to your child’s environment and treatment through daily symptom assessment and ongoing education with our certified asthma coaches. The system is comprised of three major pillars: monitoring, insights, and guidance. 



The solution utilizes a hassle-free, non-contact sleep sensor to collect objective measurements and use these together with clinical insights and understanding of what patients and their families need to provide guidance for optimized care.


After sensor data is collected each night, Tueo assesses daily if that data is deviating from your child’s individualized baseline. With greater awareness of your child’s symptoms comes more productive visits with your medical team, timelier treatments, and easier detection of environmental triggers.

HANDS-On Guidance


The Tueo Health Solution includes access to a dedicated asthma coach to support you as you manage your child’s asthma. If we see signs that your child may need extra attention, a Tueo Health asthma educator will get in touch to help you navigate the best path forward for your child’s wellbeing.


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