Introducing: the Tueo Health Advisory Board


Today we are pleased to introduce you to the Tueo Health Board of Advisors, a diverse group of industry leaders delivering critical insights about business and marketing strategy to our team as we complete our clinical study and prepare to bring the Tueo Health solution to market. We are fortunate to have assembled a board of individuals who believe in our mission as passionately as we do, and look forward to collaborating with each of them in the coming months.

THE BOARD (Clockwise from top)

Renee Ryan, VP of Venture Investments at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, has spent the past two decades investing within the healthcare industry. She has been advising us since the company's inception during the Stanford Biodesign fellowship in 2015. With deep expertise in medical device and diagnostics innovation, we are thrilled to continue to have her on board throughout product development, launch, and beyond.

Yogen Dalal served as Managing Director and Partner at Mayfield Fund for over 20 years, investing primarily in enterprise and consumer technology companies. More recently he has been making an impact in digital health. In 2010, he co-founded glooko, which has built a platform to deliver vital insights to diabetes patients. In addition to being a founder, he served as the interim CEO and remains on the board of directors. Glooko initially focused on a consumer product and has since expanded the product line to serve medical professionals as well. Thus Yogen brings key insights in B2C and B2B lines of business for digital health in addition to the wisdom gained from working alongside many other companies in his tenure at Mayfield.

Mark Morgan brings decades of experience in the insurance business to our team, culminating in his role as the President of Anthem Blue Cross in California. He subsequently led US value-based partnerships at Amgen,and thus also brings the important perspective of pharma to our board. We believe these combinations of experience are perfect as we work to navigate the healthcare ecosystem and gain adoption by showing that our solution can not only provide better care, but also lower overall healthcare cost.As a lifelong asthma patient, Mark’s deep understanding of our customer’s daily experience adds another dynamic layer to his insights.

Eric Dy currently serves as the CEO of bloomlife, a consumer health company that combines pregnancy tracking with data analytics to answer questions and concerns, promote healthy lifestyles, and improve birth outcomes. Bloomlife’s initial product was optimized for direct consumer use and as a result Eric has experience with marketing and selling in this channel. He has also been successful in moving forward with research and development including successful grants and strategic partnerships, all moving towards a regulated product that will be sold B2B.