What we're reading: assessing asthma control

From the "What We're Reading" series, here's a look at a recent publication in the journal Pediatrics from Dinakar, et al titled "Clinical Tools to Assess Asthma Control in Children." You can find it on PubMed here.

The abstract nicely summarizes the current standard for clinical tools to assess asthma control.  It states, "The nuances of estimation of asthma control include understanding concepts of current impairment and future risk and incorporating their measurement into clinical practice, "and goes on to note that many of the "currently available ambulatory tools to measure asthma control range are subjective measures" and that, "health care providers need to be vigilant" in order to "to choose the optimal set of measures that will adhere to national standards of care and ensure delivery of high-quality care customized to their patients"

When we see the words nuance, subjective, and vigilance all tied to the current standards for managing a serious chronic disease we see tremendous room for improvement, and we're looking forward to the day when we can bring clear, objective metrics to bear on this problem in a way that inspires confidence and gives everyone -- parents, children, and healthcare providers -- a chance to breathe a little easier.