The Tueo Health service is designed to help your child live well with asthma through tracking signs and symptoms and then providing education and guidance for asthma management. It is a complement to what you and your healthcare team are already doing.

How it works

The Tueo system has three big parts: a sensor, an app, and a team of asthma coaches.

The sensor attaches to your child’s mattress for measuring body activity during the night. It sends the data over the internet to Tueo. Over time, our algorithms will develop an understanding of what's usual for your child and each day we will calculate the Tueo Score. The score gives an indication of changes from what's usual.

The app is a place for you to to see the sensor data and the Tueo Score. You can check it at any time and we will alert you if there seem to have been changes indicating a need for further attention. Alerts will invite you to answer a few questions so we can provide the best guidance. We may suggest reading some of the educational content in the app, setting up a call with an asthma coach, contacting your doctor, or other actions. The app also has features to help you track symptoms you observe.

All of these things -- tracking symptoms, learning more about asthma, responding to changes, and talking with someone like an asthma coach -- have been shown to be helpful in keeping asthma well controlled and avoiding asthma attacks. The unique part of the Tueo system is the sensor data and analysis which provide a personalized measure of your child’s health every day.

Getting the most out of it

First and foremost, keep doing what you’re doing now: monitor your child carefully and follow the instructions from your doctor. To get the most out of the Tueo service you should have your child sleep in their own bed as often as possible, check the app regularly to see the Tueo Score, respond promptly to any alerts and the questions we’ll have, and follow up on recommended actions. When in doubt, set up a call with an asthma coach who can help guide you on this daily journey.

If you ever have any questions or comments you can send them to We look forward to working together with you!